Region: Nanchang,China


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inetnum: -
netname:        CHINANET-JX
descr:          CHINANET jiangxi province network
descr:          China Telecom
descr:          No.31,jingrong street
descr:          Beijing 100032
country:        CN
admin-c:        CH93-AP
tech-c:         XY1-AP
mnt-by:         MAINT-CHINANET
mnt-lower:      MAINT-IP-WWF
changed: 20030516
source:         APNIC

person:         Chinanet Hostmaster
nic-hdl:        CH93-AP
address:        No.31 ,jingrong street,beijing
address:        100032
phone:          +86-10-58501724
fax-no:         +86-10-58501724
country:        CN
changed: 20070416
changed: 20140227
mnt-by:         MAINT-CHINANET
source:         APNIC

person:         Xu Yongzhong
address:        Data Communication Bireau
address:        Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
address:        A12 Xin-jie-kou-wai Street
address:        Beijing   100088
country:        CN
phone:          +86-10-62053991
fax-no:         +86-10-62053995
nic-hdl:        XY1-AP
mnt-by:         MAINT-NULL
changed: 19960319
source:         APNIC

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Host Scan:

Starting Nmap 5.00 ( ) at 2014-10-03 00:26 CDT
Interesting ports on
Not shown: 999 open|filtered ports, 981 closed ports
21/tcp   open     ftp               Microsoft ftpd
|_ ftp-anon: Anonymous FTP login allowed
22/tcp   open     ssh?
23/tcp   open     telnet?
25/tcp   filtered smtp
80/tcp   open     http              Microsoft IIS webserver 6.0
|_ html-title: 
110/tcp  open     pop3?
135/tcp  filtered msrpc
139/tcp  filtered netbios-ssn
256/tcp  open     fw1-secureremote?
443/tcp  open     https?
445/tcp  filtered microsoft-ds
593/tcp  filtered http-rpc-epmap
995/tcp  open     pop3s?
1025/tcp open     msrpc             Microsoft Windows RPC
1027/tcp open     msrpc             Microsoft Windows RPC
3306/tcp open     mysql?
4444/tcp filtered krb524
5900/tcp open     vnc?
8899/tcp open     microsoft-rdp     Microsoft Terminal Service
593/udp  filtered http-rpc-epmap
Device type: general purpose
Running (JUST GUESSING) : Microsoft Windows 2003 (86%)
Aggressive OS guesses: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2 (86%)
No exact OS matches for host (test conditions non-ideal).
Network Distance: 18 hops
Service Info: OS: Windows

Host script results:
|_ nbstat: ERROR: Name query failed: TIMEOUT

OS and Service detection performed. Please report any incorrect results at .
Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 2102.52 seconds